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Conversations with Friends

3 February 2011

I’ve been working extra days and hours supporting the management team at a cafe in our network this past week. I’ve been devoting all my energy to that work and none to writing. What is exciting is that unlike usual, I’m not upset this time that I haven’t been writing. I’m doing something that I enjoy (yes, I enjoy my work!) as opposed to not writing because of watching TV or not making a time and place to do it. I understand that some weeks I will write more or less than other weeks; that is the natural ebb and flow of life, and consequently, writing. I trust that when I’m not writing, it’s by choice and doesn’t mean I’ll never get back to it again.

My coworker and I have been carpooling on the long drive out to the cafe, and it has been a joy to share the drive and conversation with her. All the deep thinking she’s been encouraging overrules any last bit of doubt that I’m not doing enough writing–what is I do when I write, other than record my thoughts? And I know I’ve been doing plenty of thinking! It’s nice to converse with a person who can respond rather than the paper, too. I don’t do it often. I mean, I talk to plenty of people, but I don’t have long conversations with a lot of people. I’ll be sad to see it end.

I also received a handwritten letter from a friend from the states. We stay in touch through letter writing instead of emails and Facebook like I do with most of my friends. I cherish the letters from her, and enjoy taking the time to write her letters back. We stay closer through this kind of communication than I do with most of my other friends in the states, and we are probably closer now than we even were when we lived only an hour away from each other! The time and effort it takes to personally hand-write a letter is so important to me and I’m glad she enjoys it as much as I do.

And to celebrate the weekend, which starts tomorrow (Friday), here is a photo taken on a weekend in early January when a different friend of mine was visiting from Japan:

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