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Book shopping

23 January 2011

Last night T. and I went to New Edition, my favourite bookshop in Fremantle. Before we went in, I told myself I was allowed to buy a book, so that when I got to the point of deciding if I should get anything, I wouldn’t feel like I shouldn’t. That’s what normally happens, resulting in me putting back the books I was planning to buy.

I spent most of my time in the writing section, and picked two books to buy. Then as I walked to the check-out, I panicked as usual and thought I should only get one, but I couldn’t figure out which one was better, so I almost put them both back. I worried that I wouldn’t end up liking them, which would make me regret buying them. Then I saw the New Fiction section near the front counter, and saw Natasha Lester’s What Is Left Over, After, which had recently been recommended to me. I decided to replace one book with that one, and to still get the other book as well. I reasoned that I needed to practice standing my ground in the face of doubt, and if I gave in and bought nothing, it would just reinforce the doubt next time I felt it. So I bought two books. I don’t regret buying them. They are on my bookshelf waiting to be read. When I read them, I will probably enjoy them, but they might not be my new favourite books of all time. And that’s okay.

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  1. 25 January 2011 19:33

    I hope you do enjoy the book and that, by the end, you’re glad you decided to buy it. Thanks for supporting my book.
    Natasha Lester

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