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Reading List 2011

15 January 2011

Bring on 2011! This year I am again tackling a reading list, with the goal of reading at least one of each of the books listed below. Like last year, I’ll post an update every month or so to keep track of my progress. The idea of this reading list is not to read lots of books, but to read a variety of books, including some that I may not normally gravitate towards but that I’ll end up finding that I enjoy or appreciate.

Here is my 2011 reading list, with the books I’ve already read underneath the section they fall under. Happy reading to me!

  • 1 biography
  • 1 memoir
  • 1 how-to book
  • 3 short story collections
  • 2 books on craft
  • 1 historical novel
  • 2 books by authors I’ve never read
    • The Gift by Cecilia Ahern
  • 2 books by authors I’ve read and wanted more of
    • Fall Girl by Toni Jordan (I read her book Addition last year.)
  • 1 book in a new discipline/field of interest
  • 2 books by local authors
  • 2 books by international authors
  • 2 children’s books
  • 2 classics
  • 1 re-read
  • 1 book of great heft
  • 8 books of poetry
  • 3 literary journals
  • 1 literary journalism/creative nonfiction book
  • 1 book of travel writing
  • 1 humorous book
    • All my friends are dead by Avery Monsen & Jory John (I received this book as a Christmas gift.)
  • 12 issues of The Sun magazine
    • January 2011 issue
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