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I’ve been published!

23 November 2010

When we got home from our camping trip in Dwellingup, my author’s copy of Westerly was waiting for me in the mail. (See yesterday’s post for a photo!) My poem, Moths, is in it, and it’s the first piece I’ve published since college. I wrote it as a response to one of Carolee and Jill’s prompts on their old poetry site poem. Just goes to show that writing from prompts is a great way to get started!

Now I’m off to finish editing and submitting more poems….

Which gets me to thinking, why is it that I want my work to be published, anyway? For me, acceptance for publication acknowledges the work that I’ve put into a piece, and it gives me verification as a writer. I know that all I have to do to be a writer is write, but I want my poems and stories to be published so they can contribute to the conversation of other published work in the world. I don’t care about leaving a legacy, something from me to the world; I don’t care about fame or money; I just want the knowledge that my writing is reaching other people and making them think, or smile, or reflect. That’s what I enjoy about reading great poetry, so that’s what I try to do with my own work.

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