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Poetry is me

8 November 2010

Today was day five in a ten-day stretch of working with no days off. It feels like day nine already. The three hours of traveling each day this week didn’t help. For the past few days I’ve been feeling out of sorts with myself–not energised, not motivated, eating junk, sleeping poorly, and a constant nervous knot in my gut–but tonight, thanks to poetry, I am feeling better. More peaceful. I trust the world again. Reading a few more poems from The Best American Poetry 2009 has reminded me who I am and what community I will always find a kinship with–poets. I am a poet. I may dabble in fiction from time to time, write a few personal essays; I may work in hospitality; I may love camping, playing baseball, rock climbing, traveling; but I am first and foremost a poet. All these other aspects of my life make me a well-rounded poet.

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