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Poem-a-day Challenge: Day 2

14 October 2010

Day 2 in Big Tent Poetry‘s challenge to write a poem a day for seven days. This isn’t really a poem, but out of the five pages I wrote today, it’s the only part good enough to go public! It’s more like a scene from a story, and the writing is choppy since I used all twelve words on offer for Big Tent Poetry’s weekly prompt, which isn’t due until Friday but I was stuck for ideas. The provided words are in italics.

Dolls hang like coats from hooks by the back door,
one stray doll at the bottom of the staircase.
It kisses its own knee in an effort to appear natural.
Muddy paw prints explain how the lonely doll got there.
Its purple dress torn, probably by teeth;
is there a dog with its tail drooping between its legs?
Smears of glossy red, a bitter reminder of the attempt
to make the doll “look like Mommy” with lip stick.
Mommy’s hands plucked the stick out of the small hands
and scolded with a pointed finger to extract an apology.
Cheeks plump like a gourd, lips quivering as if poised
to kiss the doll.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. 15 October 2010 10:09

    going to peek back at this tomorrow. i haven’t written with the wordle words yet and don’t want to be unduly influenced. 🙂

    but congrats on day 2 of the gong!!

  2. 15 October 2010 19:37

    I got a whole world from this one. It’s a great start.

  3. 16 October 2010 00:10

    Wow, this is great use of the wordle… the poem doesn’t seem forced at all, as they sometimes do when we try to make the words fit. Really, I loved it!

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