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Of coffee and chocolate

6 October 2010

After work one day last week I met my partner at San Churro in Fremantle for a warm drink before she had to go back to work at the markets at 3:30. T. had a delicious mint hot chocolate, and I had a terrible burnt coffee that they remade for me, but the remake was just as burnt as the first one. I figured I owed myself a nice drink before going home, so when T. went back to work, I tried out a new café called Jayne’s Addiction Café on Market Street. They specialise in Belgian hot chocolate, so I treated myself to a dark chocolate mocha. It was divine! So smooth and chocolaty, this will quickly become my favourite afternoon café when I’m in a gluttonous mood. Jayne’s is a small café that spills onto the sidewalk at the edge of the main cappuccino strip. I was delighted to notice that on each table sat a small succulent plant in a white teacup. What a pretty, unusual touch! I’d like to do something like that in my future café. (I am planning to open my own café sometime in the next 20 years. Vague, I know, but this way my options are open. I keep a notebook with my ideas for the café so when I am ready, I will be READY!) I spent about 45 minutes writing at Jayne’s, then came home and edited for another 20 minutes. A productive day for a writer!

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