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Character free-write

2 October 2010

The prompt “the first thing you do” brought this piece to life. I intend it as character notes to use for a story later on.

The first thing you do is put the strainer over the teacup. You don’t want to drink tea full of leaves. You love leaves when they are on trees. You love the sound they make in the wind, like a rain stick tipped upside-down or somebody crumpling a piece of paper into a ball. Sometimes when you’re fed up with a shitty draft, you crumple it into a ball and the sound makes you feel calm again. The only thing that makes you feel calmer than that sound is an hour spent browsing the real estate pages, imagining the house you’d buy if you won the lottery, for which you didn’t buy a ticket. You’d choose a mid-priced house close to town. You wouldn’t take the money for granted and become extravagant. All you want is a place big enough for you to have your own study, instead of the tiny desk in the corner of your bedroom where you’re sitting now.

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  1. 4 October 2010 00:47

    I love this little “slice of life” type of writing. just to worm into someone’s thoughts is very interesting.

  2. 4 October 2010 06:39

    Very interesting – I like this character!!

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