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Things That Lie

17 September 2010

I’m working on a piece for Slice Magazine’s latest call for entries for its upcoming issue themed “lies & make-believe.” During a free-write, I wrote this list searching for an interesting “in” for a story.

Things That Lie

  1. People on beds lie. They lie down and lie about who they lie down with. They even lie about enjoying the time spent lying.
  2. Memory lies. It tells us things haven’t happened when they have. It tells us we left our keys on the table when really we left them on the counter.
  3. Water lies. It shows us pictures of misshapen fish thrice their actual size and bends our view beyond the body of water.
  4. Words lie. This sentence is five words long.
  5. The weather forecaster lies.
  6. Kids in trouble lie. “I didn’t do it.” Even babies just learning to speak lie. Are you hungry? “No.” Are you tired? “No.”
  7. Art lies. I have a photograph of myself with the Eiffel Tower ascending from my head.
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  1. 17 September 2010 05:12

    I love #1. And that’s not a lie.

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