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My First Real Publications Coming Soon!

5 September 2010

I got back from a 3-week holiday to the US on Wednesday, and found in my email inbox not one but TWO acceptances from literary journals! Over the last six months I’ve submitted poems to a handful of publications, and every now and then a rejection trickles in. I was surprised and pleased to find that two of my poems were accepted to be published!

One poem, “Moths,” will be published in Westerly, which is a literary magazine put out by the University of Western Australia. Another poem, “Gut Noise,” will be published in dotdotdash, a local quarterly that began about a year and a half ago. Both will come out this November.

If that weren’t enough, a third publication, Page Seventeen, send me an email explaining that they “almost” shortlisted one of my poems but didn’t, but they liked enough to offer me an extended feedback session with their poetry editor.

I was published in several university-level magazines while I was in college, but these will be my first two “real-world” publications, so I’m pretty excited. I will be mailing home a copy of each to Mom and Dad!

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