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I Want to Write Old Books and Put Them On Cool Bookshelves

15 July 2010

In my Inbox a few mornings ago, I found this quote about writing from Jonathan Lethem, excerpted from an interview:

I always just visualize myself writing books that were meant one day to be dusty, forgotten volumes being encountered by intrepid browsers in a used bookstore. It was a much less freighted way to think about trying to enter the conversation than to imagine I had to write The Great Gatsby.

Reading this was, to me, like a getting a big bear hug from my most admired mentor. What a soothing concept! I will write books like that. Those are the kind of books I love, and to think I can create those kind of books for other people someday…. that’s WAY better than writing The Great Gatsby. (Or, for something more in-line with my own reading interests, The Fountainhead.)

And another cool thing I came across the other day is this collection of bookshelves. Here are two examples I love. I’d like to combine these two ideas to make a bookcase for my own home someday:

spiral bookcase from

artistic bookself from

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