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5 June 2010

Our prompt over at We Write Poems this week is to write an erasure poem. Wave Poetry runs an erasures website where you can choose various texts and click words in the texts to erase them, creating a new text from within the original. Check out the poem I created, Mirrors, and then follow the links to have your own go. It’s fun and a great way to find inspiration!

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  1. 9 June 2010 20:16

    The way the poem is set up typographically has an internal beat that corresponds to the words. Wonderful.

  2. 9 June 2010 20:25

    I love, “But the secret at last had been sung.” Well done. Way to erase!

  3. 9 June 2010 21:55

    I enjoyed your version very much and particularly the line that Brenda has mentioned.

  4. 9 June 2010 22:40

    I like your variation. As Linda mentioned, the visual elements are interesting. Curious to know: did you try transcribing it?

  5. angie permalink
    10 June 2010 01:03

    I love the visual presentation of the poem on the site — it carries a rhythm with it.
    I’m glad you you like erasures; it is fun, isn’t it?

  6. 10 June 2010 02:23

    So glad you included the link – I did the same thing, as I couldn’t save mine in any format.

    Your choice of words was wonderful – you actually had a longer poem than most, but there was a tension throughout that held one’s attention. Good work!

  7. 10 June 2010 09:08

    Hi Mallery — You’re the first one I’ve run across who left the poem on the site…I loved reading it that way, as it had a bounce…all that white space made the poem jump. Wonderful!

  8. 10 June 2010 09:11

    I’m glad to see everyone appreciated the white space I left in the poem. I did try transcribing it, but couldn’t find a way to arrange the words other than exactly as they were on the original page, so I left it that way. I like the effect it has in that arrangement.

  9. 10 June 2010 21:53

    Absolutely beautiful. I noticed yours had a similar feel to mine but still told the original story from her piece. I loved it.


  10. 13 June 2010 08:40

    a very interesting way of approaching this prompt
    I like it!

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