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In celebration of books and other nice things

4 June 2010

Today I spent one and a half hours in my favourite bookstore (New Edition in Fremantle) and bought five books and two literary journals. I’ve nearly achieved my book-buying goal for the year! (Light sarcasm included.) I’m pleased with my purchases and with the freedom I allowed myself in choosing to spend that amount of money. Clothing is usually the only thing to propel me to spend that amount of money in one go. (Not because I love clothes or shopping but because I wait until I really need new clothes to buy any, then buy it all in one go.) What can I say—I support literacy and the future of printed books.

Being in bookstores, especially ones like New Edition, always fills me with ideas—not just to write, but broader life ideas. The first thing I did when I got home tonight was sit down and draw in my journal, something I rarely do. I am a writer, not a visual artist. (Dabbling in photography is the exception.) Then I wrote a list of objectives to work towards achieving some personal goals I have been contemplating recently.  Reading book titles, back blurbs, and random pages of books, as well the tactile experience of feeling and smelling the materials they are made of, always stimulates these bursts of creative energy in me, and I’d say they probably do the same for many other booklovers out there.

Before the bookstore, I spent an hour writing at one of my favourite cafes, Moore & Moore. (No website, but if you search “Moore & Moore Fremantle” on Google you’ll find lots of great reviews.) It has been a day of favourite places! It’s an inspiring place to write, full of eccentric furniture, objects, art, and people. Plus great coffee and food. Today I had a vegan Oreo cake that a friend of my partner’s made. Scrumptious!

Yesterday someone suggested that before writing, I play the piano to loosen up those creative brainwaves. Like stretching before exercising. I think that’s a clever idea, and it makes sense. Every area of the brain is involved in playing a musical instrument, so it gets the brain working and synthesizing and the left and right sides of the brain working together. Last year, over the span of a few months, every time I played the piano spontaneous scenes would play out in my head as if the music were telling me a story. It was a strange sensation, and startled me when it happened. Usually when I play it’s just me and the music. I haven’t gotten those scenes for a while, but if they happen again, I’ll write them down afterward. Maybe they are stories inside me trying to get out.

Have you noticed that this post is in reverse-chronological order? It starts with today, then earlier today, then yesterday, then last year. It was unintentional, but I like it.

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  1. Irene permalink
    5 June 2010 09:19

    Hi Mallery, I had a similar book splurge recently. It’s true that books breathe broader life ideas. Meaningful splurges. Thanks for sharing about the cafe. It looks rustic and inspiring. I will note for when I make a trip to Perth (yet to happen).

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