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It’s party time!

30 April 2010

I wrote 30 poems in 30 days for NaPoWriMo this month!

Last year I set out to write 30 poems in April, but only ended up with about twelve. What an improvement this year was! Now it’s time to shift gears to party mode: tomorrow night we are hosting a games night at our house. We have several games that require at least 4 players, and many games that are just good fun to play, no matter how many players, so we’ve invited all our friends over for a night of “laughter and absurdity.” (That’s what we wrote on the invitations!) We hand-made the invitations using cardstock and an UNO deck:

T. has been cooking since yesterday. She always goes all out with the food, and it is always top notch! We’ve never had anything but positive comments about her food, even from people who think being vegan is weird. I’d say that’s a double-compliment! I’ll post some photos of the event next week.

And stay tuned… the drawing for the two free poetry books will be held this weekend! We have 31 entries–good luck to all of you!

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