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2010 Reading List

30 March 2010

I read an article the other day about creating a yearly reading list. The idea of the list is to ensure that you read a wide variety of books each year, rather than stay stuck in the same few genres/authors that you know you like. As a writer, I think it is especially important to broaden my reading material. Who knows what I might find as inspiration? Plus, I know I tend to stick to authors I like and books that are familiar in size/scope/theme, so this reading list will push me to expand myself as a reader.

I have adjusted the list slightly to fit my own preferences. It is certainly not exhaustive, but my goal is to tick off this list by the end of 2010. I will keep records on this blog of what I read and when. Here is the list: (edited 31-3-10 for my own reference)

  • 1 biography
  • 1 memoir (Howard Zinn)
  • 1 nonfiction
  • 1 how-to book (photography?)
  • 3 short story collections (Tolstoy)
  • 2 books on craft (Sage Cohen)
  • 1 historical novel (Bible?)
  • 2 books by authors I’ve never read
  • 2 books in a new discipline/field of interest (Eastern philos.)
  • 2 children’s books
  • 2 classics
  • 2 re-reads (God of Small Things)
  • 2 books by international authors
  • 1 book of great heft (something daunting) (Atlas Shrugged)
  • 12 books of poetry
  • 3 literary journals (jubilat)

I have already read one short story collection, The theory of light and matter by Andrew Porter, and three poetry collections, Bluets by Maggie Nelson and School of the Arts and Source, both by Mark Doty. I have a feeling I will way out-read the list in terms of both of these categories, as they are my two favourites.

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  1. jeannecterrill permalink
    30 March 2010 11:43

    Mallery this is great info. For a few years I have kept a list of the books I read during the year. This year I assembled a list of books that I want to read before the end of the year. I did ask my FB friends to suggest their favorite book from the previous year, but I found that I had read most of the suggestions. I am looking forward to using the list you posted to help me put together a more rounded reading list. I am looking forward to your reading posts.

  2. jeannecterrill permalink
    30 March 2010 11:49



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